Master Sergeant

First Sergeant

Master Gunnery Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Guidebook Training

  1. Close Order Drill – an Advanced Young Marine needs to fully understand Platoon and Company level drill shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1JfhQrHl1wo they can now lead Battalion or higher level formations.
  2. Essential Subjects – understand conflict resolution, identify abuse in children, perform counseling sessions, and other information our Adult Staff receives.
  3. Life Skills – skills to aid the Young Marine into becoming an adult in the “real world” including how to write a resume, personal finance, consumer affairs, and how to search for jobs.
  4. Field Skills – how to create, train, lead, and supervise encampments for younger Young Marines.
  5. Map and Compass – how to create, train, lead, and supervise map and compass courses for younger Young Marines.
  6. Drug Demand Reduction / Personal Safety – a deeper look into Drug Reduction and leading by example.  Also goes into areas of driving skills, dating, time management, computer safety, and more.
  7. Public Speaking – tips and tricks to fine tune and continue improving speaking skills.
  8. Leadership – the various roles an Advanced Young Marine will hold are covered.
  9. Citizenship – an Advanced Young Marine should now be strong assets to their community and should also be able to explain their local governments.
  10. Physical Fitness, Health, and First Aid – should maintain a healthy mind and body and promote these traits to the Young Marines in their charge.

Billets (Roles)

  • Unit First Sergeant – this is the Senior billet of any Young Marine at the unit level.  They handle the administrative side of their Young Marine’s issues, help set up and run promotion boards, aid the Unit Commander in retaining Young Marines, and anything else the Unit Commander tasks them with.
  • Sergeant Major – the Sergeant Major role is similar to that of the Unit First Sergeant, but at a larger level.  The Young Marine can be assigned as the Battalion or Regimental Sergeant Major.  The Division Young Marine of the Year is assigned as the Division Sergeant Major and the National Young Marine of the Year serves as the National Sergeant Major.  Their time to shine in their role is during Battalion, Regimental, Divisional, and National level Academies, Encampments, and Events.
  • Unit Staff Roles – Upon serving as the Unit First Sergeant and/or Sergeant Major, the Advanced Young Marine should then be assigned to an adult leader role.  This can be as the Unit Executive Officer Assistant, Unit Adjutant Assistant, Unit Paymaster Assistant, Unit Training Assistant, Unit Supply Assistant, or other staff roles as assigned by the Unit Commander.

Parents of Advanced Young Marines

If you have a Young Marine that reaches this level, you will have a very firm understanding of anything involved within our organization and unit.  You will most likely be performing in some role in support of our unit.  Your Young Marine is very likely to be considered for the Young Marine of the Year award and have the chance to compete for the award at higher levels.

They will be very active in these roles and any support you can offer them will be greatly appreciated.  If things get overwhelming for them when balancing their Young Marine workload with a job, family affairs, and school work, then make sure you inform the Unit Staff to ensure they are given every opportunity to succeed.  You should be very proud of their achievements in making it to this level as very few Young Marines do.