Private First Class


Lance Corporal

Guidebook Training

basic guide

  1. Close Order Drill – the Young Marine will learn all of their basic drill movements and will gradually work towards giving commands to small groups before becoming a Junior Young Marine.
  2. Essential Subjects – this is Young Marine 101.  Topics covered in this area help our youth become acclimated to becoming a Young Marine.  Essential topics include: uniform etiquette, military customs, courtesies and history plus other topics.  This information will be used throughout their Young Marine Career.
  3. Field Skills – some new Young Marines have no experience camping in the woods or away from modern resources.  This section provides information on appropriate dress and packing essentials, building shelters, using camp tools and equipment, plant-animals-weather hazards, and how to build a sustainable fire.
  4. Map and Compass – this section teaches new Young Marines proper care of a maps and familiarizes them with being able to identify and read many different types of maps.  We introduce them to plotting points on a map and how to do a pace count.  Additionally, the Young Marine is introduced to the advantages of using a compass in the field, how to read one and when to use one in conjunction with a map.
  5. Drug Demand Reduction – this is the cornerstone program for the Young Marines Organization.  Young Marines will learn to identify various drug classifications and will study the negative affects drug and alcohol use can produce.  We broach this topic monthly, so our education will expand beyond the basics found in this section.  Guest speakers with credentials in this area occasionally conduct oral presentations to us such as the Police Department.
  6. Public Speaking – a basic foundation for the proper steps in preparing an oral presentation is introduced in this section.  We will guide the new Young Marine, giving them a platform to utilize the skills learned in front of their peers.
  7. Leadership – our goal is to make every Young Marine a prepared and effective leader.  We cover the basics necessary to become a leader, familiarizing them with several Young Marine leadership roles.  They will also learn how to function within an actual Platoon hierarchy.
  8. Citizenship – we offer our Young Marines an important foundation in the areas of Citizenship and American History.  These are topics void in some school systems but are very important things to know as an American.  We teach our youth how to be good citizens, the learn the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem and the history of our flag.  We engage our unit in community service projects and expect Young Marines to seek out their own community service opportunities to display their exemplary citizenship.
  9. Physical Fitness, Health, and First Aid – living a healthy lifestyle is paramount to be a Young Marine.  We coach Young Marines on healthy eating, physical training and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.  We perform PFT’s (physical fitness test) quarterly.  This test encompasses several categories and Young Marines are rewarded at different levels for their score (award ribbon).  We also offer coaching and training for those requiring assistance.  Our goal is for everyone to succeed and no Young Marine is ever left behind.  In addition, we teach First Aid basics in an effort to launch Young Marines into more advanced First Aid and CPR training required for higher ranking Young Marines.

Billets (Roles)

  • Team Member – the first role of most Recruit Training Graduates.  Here a Young Marine learns to be safe, work in a team, and follow orders.
  • Team Leader – the first leadership role available to newer Young Marines.  A standard team consists of three members aside from the leader.  They learn to look after others for the first time and ensure their welfare is looked after before their own.  The skills learned here will build to higher level responsibilities as confidence is built.
  • Young Marine Flag Bearer – Young Marines take great pride in performing Color Guards.  Basic Young Marines start out by learning how to carry the National, POW, Unit, or other branch of service flag properly.
  • Firewatch – Every Young Marine will eventually have the opportunity to serve as the Firewatch.  This role is very important as they are looking after the safety of their fellow Young Marines while they sleep.  They Young Marine General Orders should be memorized and practiced during watch.

Parents of Basic Young Marines

While Young Marines start out and get comfortable with the basics of uniform maintenance, customs and courtesies, and other standards set forth by the guidebook we ask that you help enforce our standards.  Learn the standards yourself to ensure your Young Marine shows up “dressed for success” and with proper haircuts/hairdos.

Some youth, especially ones joining at older ages, might find it hard to take orders from other Youth.  Help them understand that every great leader started out following and the system only works if all of the gears are turning properly.  They will get their chance to lead soon enough and should follow proper orders with enthusiasm and to the best of their abilities to ensure their success and the success of their team.