These are the items that are needed to become a Registered Adult Staff Member in our unit.

  • Participate in our weekly drills for an period of at least three months.
  • Read the Registered Adult Manual.
  • Take the VIRTUS Child Protection course.
  • Choose a Staff Billet you would like to fill for the unit.
  • Request and attend a meeting regarding your desire to join with the Unit Commander.
  • Complete a Registered Adult Staff Package.

Rules of Staff Members

  • Must attend all functions that your role requires.
  • Attend all bi-monthly Staff Meetings.
  • Inform the Unit Commander of any meeting/event you will miss.
  • Follow the rules and regulations outlined within the Registered Adult Manual.

Please note that all Staff Positions serve at the pleasure of the Unit Commander.  Failure to fulfill the position assigned may lead to a change in jobs or even inactivation from our Staff.