Recruit Training


So you have decided to enroll your Young Marine in the Young Marines.  This page will give you a general overview of Recruit Training and what to expect.  Please also view our Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom to find the answers to the questions we often get regarding this training.


These are the worksheets that are issued on each day of Recruit Training.  If your Recruit misses a day or loses one, make sure you print one from this list.

Phase 2

Worksheet 2-1

Worksheet 2-2

Worksheet 2-3

Worksheet 2-4

Training Phases

  • Forming Phase – This occurs between each Recruit Training Class.  These occur all year round and the Recruit is authorized to come to the Poolie drill sessions (Wednesday nights, 1800-1930) and usually consist of Physical Training, Close Order Drill, and Drug Demand Reduction.  They are also authorized to attend certain other training events such as Swim Qualification, First Aid, and more.  These will be specifically mentioned by the Recruit Instructor as these occur.
  • Phase 1 – The first four Wednesday Training sessions are considered Phase 1.
    • Day 1-1 – Initial Physical Fitness Test, Issue of Initial Handout worksheet, and basic Drill.
    • Day 1-2 – Grooming and Appearance, PT, and Drill.
    • Day 1-3 – Young Marine History, PT, and Drill.
    • Day 1-4 – Citizenship, PT, and Drill.
  • Mid-point Saturday Session – Attendance is REQUIRED for this session.
    • Health and Fitness, Basic First Aid, Field Skills, Map Basics, PFT, and Drill.
  • Phase 2 – The final four Wednesday Training sessions are considered Phase 2.
    • Day 2-1 – Duties of a Team Leader, PT, and Drill.
    • Day 2-2 – Duties of a Firewatch, PT, and Drill.
    • Day 2-3 – Final Exam and Final PFT.
    • Day 2-4 – Uniform Preparation and Graduation Practice.



Each week there will be a worksheet handed out to study.  Quizzes are given out throughout Recruit Training to ensure Recruits are keeping up on the material.  Please make sure your Recruit reviews this material each week and is prepared before each session.


Each Recruit Training Class will consist of 8 Wednesday Night Drills and 1 Saturday Drill Session.  A maximum of two EXCUSED absences are authorized, but the Saturday session cannot be missed.  Excused absences are any drill missed that was outside of the family’s control and was requested off via the Excused Absence Request form before that drill session.

If a Drill is missed, please ensure you download the appropriate worksheet from our Unit Library because your Recruit will still be required to take the quiz the next drill regardless of their attendance.


Recruit Front

Recruit Back

  • Shirt – Gold colored t-shirt with the last name printed on both the front left breast area and across the back.  These can be ordered by calling Wayne Sporting Goods and placing your order.
  • Pants – Properly fitting blue jeans with a belt.
  • Shoes – Running shoes with black socks.
  • Shorts – Black solid black gym shorts are required and must accompany Recruit to every drill in case of PT sessions.
  • Cover – Camouflage utility cover (hat) is worn once issued by the unit.
  • Jewelry –  Small stud earrings (females only), medical bracelet and a wrist watches are authorized.  All other jewelry should be left at home during training sessions.

Grooming and Appearance:

Both Males and Female Recruits must conform to the Young Marine standards while in the program.  Recruits that do not follow these guidelines when participating in the program may be sent home until the issue is corrected.


  • Hair should be neat and closely trimmed.  It should not touch the ears or the nape of the neck.  It cannot be over 3 inches in length when fully extended on the upper portion of the head.  It cannot be worn in braids or have any eccentric designs.
  • Beards are unauthorized however well groomed mustaches and sideburns may be worn.


  • Hair should be tied up if into a bun or neatly and inconspicuously pinned or fastened (no visible bows/hair ties).  If worn short, the hair cannot extend past the bottom edge of a collar on a camoflauge utility blouse.  It cannot interfere with the wear of the uniform headgear (cover).
  • Cosmetics are not authorized during recruit training, but can be worn when later in uniform as a Young Marine as long as Young Marine standards are followed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My son/daughter is acting up at home a lot, will this program fix that?

While our principles of teaching Leadership, Teamwork, and Discipline does have very positive effects on youth that join our ranks, it isn’t considered a “scared straight” program.  If your youth does not want to be a part of our program, the training will prove very difficult from them and they don’t get the best results.  Please don’t force your son or daughter to be a Young Marine.

Who do I come to with questions during Recruit Training?

Any of our Staff Members are happy to help you if we can.  However, for best results, please always ask your Recruit’s Drill Instructor first.  They will be most knowledgeable of the training and your Recruit’s situation, so they will usually have the best answers for you.

What is the Forming Phase?

The forming Phase allows youth to join our program year-round.  Since we cannot maintain the staffing and resources more than two or three times a year, we reserve this platoon for youth to join in the weeks or months leading up to a Recruit Training class.  They are authorized to attend certain training events, any community service event, and any fundraiser while in this status.  These sessions are only an hour and a half (1800-1930), but you are welcome to stay the full duration of the drill depending upon the training that we are doing that night.  Most of the Forming Phase drills consist of Close Order Drill, Physical Fitness, and Drug Demand Reduction classes.


Most Recruit Training sessions occur at our drill hall located in the basement of the St. Peter Church at 6161 Chambersburg Road, Huber Heights, OH.  The exception to this would be on our Saturday Sessions based on availability.  We will inform you of an alternate location ahead of time if this occurs.