Unit Communications

There are several methods available to stay in touch within our organization.  Please refer to the various methods below to ensure you are always “in the know” with Young Marine happenings.

  • Direct Contact

    Contacting Staff:  – As a general rule, Young Marines should not directly contact a staff when they are in the lower ranks.  This aids us in maintaining our chain of command.  However, in case of last minute information, the inability to reach anyone else, or if there is a problem that only a Staff Member can address then this is acceptable.  As the Young Marine progresses through the ranks, they will gain a better understanding of when they should reach out to a staff member.

    When contacting a staff member, please ensure you contact the one that will have the answers you need.  All of our Staff’s contact information can be found on the Our Members page of this site.

    • Issue with a Staff Member – If you have an issue with any Staff Member you should first reach out to the Unit Commander.  If this does not resolve your issue, you can then follow up with the next person in the chain of command (Battalion Commander (3rd Ohio Battalion), Regimental Commander (Ohio Regiment), Division Commander (Division 5), or National Headquarters).  The higher headquarters information can be found on the National Young Marines website.
    • Issue with a Young Marine – Contact the Young Marine’s Platoon Leader (see the Our Members section to determine who that is).  If they do not resolve your issue, then please direct this to the Unit Executive Officer.
    • Questions about Fundraising – These should be directed to the Unit Fundraising Coordinator.
    • Questions about the Training Schedule – These should be directed to the Training Officer or Operations Officer.
    • Financial Issues – If unable to pay for an event, uniform items, or dues, please first speak with the Paymaster to see if there are means to assist you.  If they cannot help, they will direct you to the appropriate person.
    • Questions about an event – Events are all assigned a Registered Adult in Charge.  These are always listed on the Unit Calendar in the description of the event.  If one is not listed, check with the Training Officer to see if they can assist you.
    • Other inquiries – You can always reach out to the Unit Commander or Executive Officer with any general inquiries or concerns.

    Contacting Young Marines: – Every Young Marine leader should make themselves available by either phone, text, or email.  All Young Marines should have contact information for the two Young Marines directly above them in the chain of command.  Basic questions regarding uniforms, events, and other small inquiries should first be directed to the Young Marine directly above them to use our chain of command effectively.  Most NCOs can answer basic questions or can seek out the answer from a Staff Member or by looking up the answer.  This should be the FIRST place every Young Marine goes.  Parents are welcome to reach out to Staff Members and do not fall under this rule.

  • Facebook

    Members Only Page – This is our internal group’s page.  You are welcome to post pictures, ask questions to staff, parents, and Young Marines, as well as just post fun things that relate to our program.  Click the icon to the left and then request to join the page to be considered.  This is limited to individuals that have an affiliation with our unit.

    Unit Public Page – This is our public Facebook page.  It is viewed by numerous people from other units, higher level command, people in our community, and more.  You are unable to post anything on the main body of the page without some sort of administrative rights.  We post public-facing items only on this page, so please direct any questions or concerns you may have to our Members Only Page above.  Please take a moment to like our page so you can stay updated on content as it is added.

    3rd Battalion Ohio Page – This is the public-facing page for our Battalion.  It includes updates for any Battalion related events as well as Awards.  We recommend all of our members also like this page to stay in touch with the higher command activities.  Our Battalion is made up of the Central Ohio Young Marines, the Young Marines of Cincinnati, and our Unit.

    Ohio Regiment Young Marines – This is the public-facing page for our Regiment.  It includes updates for any Regiment related events as well as Awards.  We recommend all of our members also like this page to stay in touch with the higher command activities.  Our Regiment currently consists of 11 units separated into three Battalions.

  • One Call Now Messaging

    What is One Call Now?:  – One Call now is a service our unit uses to put messages out to all Young Marines and Staff quickly and efficiently.  We try to limit the number of calls to our weekly update regarding drill, but sometimes extra calls are made due to unforeseen changes.  An audio or email or both are sent to all parties attached to our unit or sometimes just sent to a subset of them (i.e. Color Guard Team, Staff, etc).

    What if I am not getting the messages?: – This can be due to one of two reasons.  We have a bad number/email listed for you or we have not yet entered you into the system.  Either of these can be corrected by contacting our Communications Officer, Ray Girard, by phone, email, or in person.  Let him know the associated Young Marine’s name and what information you would like updated.  This can usually be performed the same day.